Short term membership

Golfers who are or expect to be living (and working) in the area for a limited period such as expatriates. They have the possibility of acquiring and revoking membership on a monthly basis during the year (provided that the maximum level of use of the court is not exceeded). They have the same playing rights as ordinary members.

The association has reached the maximum number of members and, for this reason, currently has no room to accept members for expatriate membership.

Fees (per year)

Membership fee € 1.525,– regular member fee (€ 1050,–) plus € 475,– (in lieu of entrance fee)
NGF fee € 23,–
Catering fee € 125,–
E-range key € 10,– for use driving range balls

Application and termination of short term membership
Interested golfers should apply for Short Term Membership at least two weeks prior to the preferred starting date. Two members of the executive committee will interview applicants. The executive committee has the right to reject applications without stating reasons.

Termination of the membership is possible at any time after a minimum membership period of one year by written notice of one calendar month to the club secretariat. The member will in that case receive a credit for the annual contribution for the remainder of the calendar year.

The NGF fee and the catering fee will not be (partly) refunded.

Short Term Members have the same rights as regular members except:

  • The right to attend the Annual General Meetings, unless invited to attend;
  • The right to address the Annual General Meetings, unless invited by the chairman to do so;
  • The right to be a member of the Board or to be chairman of any committee;
  • The right to be a member of a statutory committee, the advisory committee or the committee for the admission of new members.

A Short Term Member is obliged to comply with all the rules and regulations that apply to members and guests of Rozenstein.

One year, with the possibility of an annual extension to a maximum of four years (as a general rule). Short Term Membership can commence any calendar month.